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Well, on Thursday 20th June, Makin’ Muzic set off to take part in the Wootton Bassett Arts Festival. We took part in their class C8 “Community Choir with a secular program”.

Having arrived early we were able to listen to some solo and duet classes and hear the rather blunt comments made by the adjudicator. By this point we were all starting to feel a little more nervous than before we arrived! For those of us who remembered the Swindon Music Festival we were dreading a repeat performance of the adjudication – not an experience I really want again.

When it was our turn however we got up and did our very best right from walking onto the stage through to bowing at the end. I walked on last and was delighted at just how amazing we look all done out in our black clothes and blue flowers. I was also rather shocked to see just how big the choir has got – 25 people is quite a lot!

We sang our 3 numbers superbly. Everything went according to plan and I could see the effort that was being put in by every single member. Oh and boy was it good to hear us sing with a real grand piano!

Having listened to the other 3 choirs in the class (one of which had already won another class – gulp) we sat waiting for the comments.

Her comments to the first choir were as cutting as to the solo and duet classes. Oh no we thought, here we got.

The adjudicator came to us and made some very positive comments. She liked our tone and the choice of repertoire. She complimented us on our unaccompanied singing. She praised us for singing without folders and for listening to each other and watching the MD. Of the third piece (Singin’ in the Rain) she did comment that we could have looked a bit happier – we need to lose the look of concentration in the hard bits). And that was pretty much it. It appeared that she loved us!

She was reasonably kind to the other 2 choirs in the class but we were starting to think it just might be us who got the top mark – and indeed it was. We were awarded an 87 Distinction.

We are of course thrilled to have won but we did also really enjoy the evening. Watch out for another post soon on what I as MD feel I learnt by taking part.

Here are scans of the certificate and the adjudicators notes..

WBAF Comments Sheet

WBAF Certificate

and a cheesy photo of me with the cup…



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  • Carey says:

    I’ve also had an email from Stella passing on her congratulations to the choir. She said she knew we’d take away the silverware!!