The Wedding of the Year!

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So here it is, the one you’ve all been waiting for…Royal wedding? Pfft. That’s so two years ago.

On 1st November we were delighted to sing at the wedding of out very own choir member Meg, and her fiancé Edd.

Love, love, love!

Love, love, love!

We headed over to Malmesbury again – this time to Winkworth Farm. One thing I learnt about Malmesbury this weekend, is that there are a surprising number of farms, and also that having just one letter wrong in the postcode can lead to all sorts of excitement with the Sat-Nav.

We eventually made it to the right farm an hour before the wedding was due to start, giving us plenty of time to admire the beautiful building, the decorations, and speculate wildly about what Meg’s dress would be like warm up fully and rehearse what we would be singing.



Check out the lego detail!

Check out the lego detail!

Obligatory ‘Catalogue pose’ Nice one chaps!

Obligatory ‘Catalogue pose’ Nice one chaps!

Not only were we to sing Meg down the aisle, but she had asked us to do a largely unaccompanied rendition of All You Need is Love. There was some tricky timing with this, but we all agreed it would be fine so long as we kept our eyes on James for our cue.

Hands up who was looking at James and not Meg’s dress when the moment actually came!


Yup, me too! But I think we got away with it.

choir singing cropped

It was really lovely to sing at a friend’s wedding – I think for everyone it was by far the most special wedding we have sung at. There may even have been a tear or two shed during the service!

During the register signing we sung Fields of Gold, and Lean on Me. We then sent Teresa down the front to get a good pic of the newly weds!

Meg & Edd

Finally, as the wedding party left we sung a full blown version of All You Need is Love, and yes Meg, you were spotted singing along!

So that just leaves one question… who’s up next?

choir group shot

Wedding photos coutesy of

Additional pics shamelessly pilfered from Teresa Webb’s facebook album! Cheers Trees!


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  • Jenny says:

    Fab post Laura and lots of beautiful pictures!

    I know I for one had my eyes on James the whole time *cough* (not) *cough*. It was a tough challenge for the choir – how can we be expected to sing wonderfully and not sneak a peek at one of our dressed up in a fabulous gown!!