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Well here we are in February and so we need to start thinking about our big summer event. I thought it would be really nice this year to do something different but I’m not quite sure what!

The focus should be that we get to give a performance of everything that we have been working on this year. So, with that in mind, here are my thought starters….

Does it have to raise money? Could we have a totally “closed” event just for us? How about a singing workshop with bring and share lunch? We could get a guest MD in to do something totally different? Could we put an informal performance at the end of this for friends and family?

How about a picnic somewhere followed by a performance by us. We could invite friends and family (or sell tickets) to bring their own picnic and then join us for a performance of whatever we’ve done in the year?

What about cream tea and music somewhere? We serve a cream tea which they eat while we sing? Or cheese and wine? Or Pimms (you get the idea….)

Do nothing at all.

We could simply do the same thing we always do

Could we persuade someone else to arrange an event at which we are the major(ish) attraction? Could we do anything with our charity partner (ZCT) in this area?

Get your thinking caps on and get posting! We really ought to have decided what and when by the middle of March.

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  • Carey H says:

    Like the idea of an outdoor event of some kind but acoustics could be a bit rubbish. Unless we could use/hire the Bowl at Town Gardens?

    Alternatively what about approaching Wessex Male Voice about us doing a few numbers at their concert?

  • Teresa W says:

    I think we all like to have something to work towards as the highlight of our choir year, so whatever we decide on, I would hope there will be a performance of some type.

    As I sit here looking at the rain lashing down, it seems pertinent to mention that if we choose to plan an outdoor event, we will be at the mercy of the elements, unless we can find somewhere with optional shelter.

    I’m in favour of linking up with another choir, however I wonder if we’ve already left it too late to arrange anything for this year?

    The workshop / performance idea would certainly be different, and I don’t think our audience would necessarily be put off if we perform songs we’ve done before. In fact, quite the reverse – I think people will enjoy hearing some of the songs they have enjoyed previously. After all, we all like to hear our favourites by groups etc that we like. What would a Robbie Williams concert be like without Angels?!! This option however would need people to be able to commit to a full Saturday or Sunday.

  • Meg says:

    How about a ‘bring and sing’? As well as performing the pieces we finesse, people could bring along music for pieces they like, but ones we’ve never sung before and we could workshop a few of them through the day.

    There’s no reason why we couldn’t open up a day like this to anyone and everyone.

    We could, pretty cheaply, hire a village hall for a day if we wantto eliminate the concerns about the elements.

  • Nige says:

    I really like the idea of a garden party or outdoor event of some sort, maybe linked to another event if possible, but without too much formality and therefore preparation. People who organise village fetes are often looking for some sort of entertainment so this might be an option if we have the right connections and organisers may already have a weather-related Plan B if we took this route. Having said that, I can’t believe there will be any rain left after February – this based on the way it’s hammering against my window as I write…

    It might also be worth looking at this year’s Zurich Challenges – they often call for some sort of entertainment (although I wouldn’t suggest we take the lead on the challenge, just provide support).

  • Laura says:

    It does seem a shame to polish up pieces and then not have a chance to show them off! Mind you, I think we may finally be to big to fit in the Chapel at Wooten Bassett so whatever we do needs a bit of thought!
    We have been invited to sing at St Augustine’s summer Arts Festival (sometime in July I think) It wouldn’t be a full concert but I think we could squeeze in 4 or 5 numbers :-)

  • Dennis Offer says:

    I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve. There’s plenty of village events and Rotary fixtures etc., going on which would love a choir to sing but would not offer any reward as they are trying to raise their own charity funds. The Wyvern might have a slot for us in an interval at some gig or another. We could also sing in the town centre or outlet centre (with permissions) for money raising, if people felt comfortable doing so.

    As for music, we have made some songs we do ‘our own’ as it were, which people like when we go places. I think it’s good to learn new ones but at the same time I think some of the ones we do we should be happy to repeat at even regular haunts.