Makin Muzic at The Tower

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Just before Christmas we got to sing at the Tower of London…

A tour bus just for us, fame at last! Well for one night only. 2pm and gathered in the rain outside Zurich offices the excitement started when our very own transport arrived, we’d never travelled together so the volume went up right away – no singing on James’s orders.

Slow trip into London through the Friday traffic but eventually got to The Tower of London via underground car park. Quick stop for photos and then we headed in whilst all the tourists were heading out. No time to linger, straight into our green room…

Our own room where everyone immediately fell upon the homemade biscuits like we’d never seen anything like them before. Then time to check hair and make up and have a team photo before warm ups.

The first of our four sets was in the White Tower which is now pretty much a museum and we serenaded the arriving guests with the carols we would sing many many times that night. Then after about 30 mins we headed back to our room for a relax before the next set.


The next three sets all took place in the main function room where we had a small stage set up. More carols, this time as the guests arrived for their evening meal. As you can imagine there was a lot of chatting from said guests and we had the challenge of not sounding like a football crowd trying to sing over them. I think we managed it.

Set two done and back to our room for dinner. Bearing in mind the no dairy, no alcohol mantra we all ate lasagne, cheesecake and washed it down with a glass of vino. Ooooops.

Last two sets were much of the same, however we had a thank you speech from the Zurich boss and the evening was rounded off with a join in carol sing which many of the guests seemed to really enjoy.  A bucket was passed round by the organisers which raised about £500 for Zurich Cares. Our fee also went to the same cause.


We had a great night, great feedback, great venue and got asked back.  Who could ask for more?

Blog post by Helen

Photos from Anne

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