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One of the things we love to do is take our music out to those people who may not find it easy to get to our concerts, and Elsie Hazell Court in Freshbrook have welcomed us on several occasions. This year, one of our members, Laura, took on a challenge set by the residents and the Zurich Community Trust to arrange an evening of fun, food and song. So, armed with silly hats, a ton of party food and a book of sing-along songs, we went along one evening in October to have a party with the lovely people at Elsie Hazell…

We started with a game of musical hats, a variation on musical chairs which was brilliant fun, and I think may reappear in future choir evenings. The gold sparkly cowboy hat was a particular favourite of the men…..


We had two music based quizzes, which tested memories to the full, and were both won by talented EH resident Joan.

DSCN4716  DSCN4719

There was enough food to feed everyone for several days, and I still haven’t found out who provided the fresh cream chocolate eclairs, but if you’d like to make yourself known, I will be your bestest friend forever !


Then it was on to the main event – the music.  Our hosts joined in enthusiastically with several songs, ranging from ‘All you need is love’, and ‘Do you know the way to San Jose’, to ‘Gonna wash that man right outa my hair’. The choir also sang a few songs from our summer concert, including ‘American Trilogy’ which was one of the songs we sang at the Royal Wootton Bassett Music Festival earlier this year.

DSCN4750 DSCN4747

We had a lovely time, the residents were, as always, very welcoming, and we’ve been invited back, so all in all we can judge the evening as a great success.


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