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Oh dear.  I’ve just sat down to do my rehearsal plan for the summer concert and there just aren’t enough weeks to do everything we wanted to. In fact, there aren’t enough weeks for us to put together a full choir program. We are, to use a technical term, a bit stuffed.

Here is what I had hoped we would do

Let it Snow (ha ha aren’t we funny
Singin’ in the Rain
Stormy Weather
Here Comes the Sun
California Dreaming
Fields of Gold
Irish Blessing
Something Inside so Strong

plus probably American Trilogy to celebrate our success at the festival (come one, let’s think positive).

So, we can cut things, we can drop some harmonies to simplify some pieces and we can book in extra rehearsals.

But, can you think of a more creative way to deal with this problem? Ideas on a postcard (or just reply to this post)…….



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  • Morty1 says:

    I think we should be radical – why put pressure on ourselves, let’s not do a summer concert this year! We have the festival, let’s concentrate on that, be brilliant at the three pieces and win! With the money raised from other events we will raise as much as the concert anyway. We will also have more time then for rehearsing for weddings and learning our repetoire without music. How much better did Wessex look than the other choir looking rubbish and holding their music (no dynamics and no eye contact!).

    • Carey says:

      My initial thought were what a shame it would be to not do the concert but actually, I think you have a point. It’d be great to your hone our festival pieces and be really confident about the performance. If that means not doing a concert then so be it. Radical gets my vote!

    • James Heydon says:

      Well I certainly didn’t mean to start a debate about whether or not we have a summer concert but I do really like the radical thinking. I have given it a week or so before commenting to give myself time to fully consider the possibility. Here are my thoughts:-

      – I get the biggest buzz out of concerts. Other events are good but it is concerts that do it for me. I find the weddings far more stressful and they consume a ridiculous amount of rehearsal (and my personal) time for just a few minutes of singing. They raise loads of money though. Personally I would drop the weddings and keep the concerts if I had to make a decision between the two (which we don’t!)

      – Festivals….hmmmm. These take large amounts of rehearsal time for under 15 minutes of stage time. Then there is the disappointment that the adjudicator doesn’t like your repertoire / the way you stand / what you represent and it has all been a bit of a waste of time. Again, I’m afraid I’d chose concerts over festivals.

      – I know singing without music is a passion for some and I think it brings some benefits. At the risk of repeating myself though, I would take a full concert program over singing without music.

      Those are just my personal thoughts though….

  • Amanda Mcilroy says:

    If we think we haven’t got enough for a full evening concert programme, could we think about doing something smaller scale within Zurich to employees around the same time with the programme we have got ready? Might be many reasons why this isn’t practical – I’m not sure where we’d do it for example – but a lunchtime concert would raise a bit of money for charity and would be relatively easy to drum up an audience for…

  • James Heydon says:

    Some good ideas coming out here – keep thinking. I have had 2 people saying they think extra rehearsals of some kind are the way to go including extending Wednesday night for a bit longer.

  • Meg says:

    I am torn.

    I like the idea of having a year off, on the basis that it means we’d have a programme for next summer’s concert which would be all/nearly all new material, which I think is important. It also means that we can focus on the festival and get a lot of performance experience in a way we haven’t before.

    Another good thing may be that we could do more with less and do more weddings or ‘easy’ events that will raise a lot of money.

    On the down side, no concert! I love our summer finale and my reasons for wanting to push for it are emotional, not practical ones.

    If we do go for it, we all have to be sure we know how much extra rehearsal time we need – is it loads and too big a commitment for people, or is it a case of fitting 2-3 more sessions in? That would play a big part.

    • James Heydon says:

      I think Meg makes a good point here – how much extra rehearsal?

      Well, according to my latest plan, leaving some contingency, we have 2 pieces we don’t have time to learn – Here Comes the Sun and Irish Blessing. I would probably allow 4 – 6 weeks of rehearsals for these 2 in various shapes.

      My idea is to condense that into 2 Saturday afternoon workshops of 4 hours each – 2 to 6 with a break for tea and cake. We would look at both songs in both sessions so not everyone would need to attend both. We would also run through the songs in normal rehearsals so everyone may well be able to “pick them up”.

      I’ll post the rehearsal plan here soon so that people can see just how much time I’ve allowed for things.