Makin’ MuZic and Charity

We raise money for charity by performing in local concerts and events. To date we have raised many thousands of pounds (in the region of £4,000 per annum) which we can thankfully say is growing all the time. We mostly raise money for Zurich Cares.

Zurich Cares

Zurich Cares is the name of Zurich’s award-winning employee involvement programme. It manages valued donations of time, money and skills.  Through Zurich Cares donations are made to Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited (link to charity commission page – opens in new window).

Zurich Community Trust

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About ZCT

The Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited is a registered charity. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, whose membership comes from directors of the company and external directors from the voluntary sector.

The main objective of Zurich Community Trust is to help give effect to Zurich’s commitment to the community around the UK.

Zurich’s UK companies, their employees, Openwork members and Openwork employees believe that business success should be shared with those in society who are the most disadvantaged. They believe that this also accrues benefits for the group companies and the individuals who involve themselves with the community, as well as for society.

The trustees distribute money to the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited by the Zurich’s Group Companies and Community Trust Services Limited.

Money isdistributed to selected charitable organisations under criteria set out to ensure the achievement of Zurich’s Community Trust’s objectives.  In 2010, grants to over 700 charities totaled £2,594,200.

The trustees also promote volunteering and fundraising activities and invest funds as appropriate.

Community Trust Services Limited sells goods and services to Zurich’s employees and members of Openwork, with the net profits from these activities paid via gift aid to the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited.

The Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited is managed by the Community Trust team, led by Pam Webb, Head of Zurich Community Trust Team.

The charity fund of Zurich International, based in the Isle of Man, is independent of the Zurich Community Trust, although it works closely with them.

A Quick History

Zurich’s Community Trust was founded in 1973.

The Trust is a registered charity (No. 266983) governed by a Board of Trustees. This is drawn from the senior management of Zurich in the UK and two external Trustees.

Over £60 million has been donated to a variety of good causes since 1972, with around £500,000 raised by our employees each year.

During 2010 a total of £1,473,600 was committed mainly through partnerships and local grants, but also includes the matching from fundraising to enable 206 team Challenges with charities to take place.

The Trust is a member of the London Benchmarking Group along with over 100 other companies, using the model to benchmark the value and impact of our programmes. To find out more, click on the link below:

We are also members of the following organisations: