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OK so the CD journey is well and truly underway and at some point I will do some posts about all the work that has got us this far.

While I get on with the next stage (making the recording sound a s good as I can (not much work needed incidentally)) we need to be creating the CD cover and inlay.

Janice has kindly agreed to put some ideas together for us but we need the ideas to start with!

I’ve had 2 ideas so far.

First, I thought we could simply have a cover that is “our blue” with white writing saying “Makin’ Muzic'” across the front. The inside and back cover could also be blue with white writing. Plain, simple, branded.

Second idea is to try and combine a photo of our 2 main concert venues – St Augustine’s and the Wootten Bassett Methodist Chapel. These will also be the main venues from the recordings since I hope to include some recordings from last year’s summer concert along with the ones we took at St Augustine’s.

In the last week or so David has come up with another idea which is currently my favourite. Being an artist, David has done some paintings in and around Swindon including some pictures (believe it or not!) of the Tri Centre complex (the buildings in which we rehearse). Now I think it would be fantastic to use pictures by one of our members of our rehearsal venue on our very own CD. To give you an idea a sample photo of one of his tri centre pictures is here….

Tri CentresTri Centres #2

So what do we think? Do you have other ideas? Do you like any of these ideas? Do you not care? Whatever your thoughts please share them here.


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  • Janice says:

    I love this picture, it would give the CD a unique feel. I could ‘put’ the logo on a banner that drapes across/between the top windows.

  • Teresa W says:

    I thought I’d replied. Oh well, me and technology crash and burn again!!
    At the risk of repeating myself, I do think our name and usual colours should be included, and in all honesty, simple is sometimes best!
    However, I love David’s drawing and it would be great if he could create a cover for us. I’m not sure about using the 2 churches in the design, in case it makes us look like a church choir. So, that’s me firmly on the fence :-)

  • Carey H says:

    Not keen on using the venues. Love David’s artwork, particularly the close up one of the tricentres

  • Nige says:

    Really like David’s artwork, particularly the first sample shown, and if we could subtly incorporate our logo then this works for me.