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Held at the rather lovely Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot, this was the second time a group of us from the choir have attended this annual workshop.

It’s the fifth year that the event has been running and it’s a well oiled machine. Shortly after online registration closed, I got an email with a link to the learning tracks (A mix track, plus each of the voice lines with the others quietly underneath) and pdfs of the sheet music. The onus is absolutely on you to learn the two pieces before you get there – and we all did!

At the start of the day, roughly 120 of us were gathered in the auditorium for the biggest choir warm up I’ve ever taken part in! There were lots of stretches, shoulder rolls and windmilling of arms and apologies as we bash into total strangers, followed by some vocal exercises that we’ve never done before. We then arranged ourselves into our parts and sang Happy Together, then note bashed a couple of sections per part. It sounded brilliant! I would have loved to have been down on the stage to hear it.

A group of people had, prior to the day, put their names down to take part in a flash mob performance of the ‘flash fest’ piece at lunchtime (which we had all learnt in advance) – that group didn’t include any of us! Jo, who was leading that session, thought we were so good in the first run through that we should all take part, if we wanted to.

Spring Fest

    We did join in and it was quite entertaining!

    We can even prove it, but in true Where’s Wally style, you’ll need to look for us!





A number of classes were run throughout the day, culminating in all of the groups performing their pieces to the others in the auditorium.

Between us, we attended classes on rhythm, directing and extreme dynamics [have I missed anything?]. In terms of pieces learnt, we covered Contemporary (I Hope You Dance – Teresa, Lourdes, Aggie and Jenny), Classical (The Blue Bird – Laura) and an a cappella sextet piece (Evening Rise – Carey, Deb and Meg). We all learnt the flash fest piece (Happy Together) and between us we’ve already got three of the four voice parts learnt; if any of the basses would like to pick up the fourth part and join us for a small group performance then let us know – please please please.

We all picked up a few hints and tricks that we’ll be bringing back to our weekly rehearsals!

Spring Fest 2016 is due to be on the 13th March, so get it in the diary


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OK so the CD journey is well and truly underway and at some point I will do some posts about all the work that has got us this far.

While I get on with the next stage (making the recording sound a s good as I can (not much work needed incidentally)) we need to be creating the CD cover and inlay.

Janice has kindly agreed to put some ideas together for us but we need the ideas to start with!

I’ve had 2 ideas so far.

First, I thought we could simply have a cover that is “our blue” with white writing saying “Makin’ Muzic'” across the front. The inside and back cover could also be blue with white writing. Plain, simple, branded.

Second idea is to try and combine a photo of our 2 main concert venues – St Augustine’s and the Wootten Bassett Methodist Chapel. These will also be the main venues from the recordings since I hope to include some recordings from last year’s summer concert along with the ones we took at St Augustine’s.

In the last week or so David has come up with another idea which is currently my favourite. Being an artist, David has done some paintings in and around Swindon including some pictures (believe it or not!) of the Tri Centre complex (the buildings in which we rehearse). Now I think it would be fantastic to use pictures by one of our members of our rehearsal venue on our very own CD. To give you an idea a sample photo of one of his tri centre pictures is here….

Tri CentresTri Centres #2

So what do we think? Do you have other ideas? Do you like any of these ideas? Do you not care? Whatever your thoughts please share them here.


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Well here we are in February and so we need to start thinking about our big summer event. I thought it would be really nice this year to do something different but I’m not quite sure what!

The focus should be that we get to give a performance of everything that we have been working on this year. So, with that in mind, here are my thought starters….

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Just before Christmas we got to sing at the Tower of London…

A tour bus just for us, fame at last! Well for one night only. 2pm and gathered in the rain outside Zurich offices the excitement started when our very own transport arrived, we’d never travelled together so the volume went up right away – no singing on James’s orders.

Slow trip into London through the Friday traffic but eventually got to The Tower of London via underground car park. Quick stop for photos and then we headed in whilst all the tourists were heading out. No time to linger, straight into our green room…

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Hello All,

Unless you try to access the site through the Zurich Network, you do not need to read this message.

There was an issue in a recent update that was rolled out meaning a box that should be checked was not checked and a large number of users had automatic detection of settings disabled and as such massively increased security.

If you find you are unable to access makinmuzic.org through work then please check the following setting in IE.

  • Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings
  • Make sure “Automatically detect settings” has a tick in it.
  • Click “OK” and then “Apply”, or “OK” again if you have not made any changes.

If you are do not feel comfortable altering the settings call helpdesk who should do this for you!

Cheers All,
Laurence Care

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So here it is, the one you’ve all been waiting for…Royal wedding? Pfft. That’s so two years ago.

On 1st November we were delighted to sing at the wedding of out very own choir member Meg, and her fiancé Edd.

Love, love, love!

Love, love, love!

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The choir has worked so hard this year and we don’t often get a chance to socialise, so Christmas gives us the perfect excuse!  We are planning to have a short rehearsal on Wednesday 18th December (hopefully finish by 6pm) and then follow it up with some fun.  The committee has come up with a few options on what to do:

  • Drinks in a pub
  • Curry
  • Bring and share in our usual rehearsal space

Whatever we do, the idea is to finish by 8pm at the latest for those who need to head off (although of course we wont force you to stay that long if you dont want to!) and those who want to can stay out longer.

Please can you let us know via the comments box what you fancy doing.

Choir Committee

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One of the things we love to do is take our music out to those people who may not find it easy to get to our concerts, and Elsie Hazell Court in Freshbrook have welcomed us on several occasions. This year, one of our members, Laura, took on a challenge set by the residents and the Zurich Community Trust to arrange an evening of fun, food and song. So, armed with silly hats, a ton of party food and a book of sing-along songs, we went along one evening in October to have a party with the lovely people at Elsie Hazell…

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