Makin Muzic at The Tower - Full Post →

Just before Christmas we got to sing at the Tower of London…

A tour bus just for us, fame at last! Well for one night only. 2pm and gathered in the rain outside Zurich offices the excitement started when our very own transport arrived, we’d never travelled together so the volume went up right away – no singing on James’s orders.

Slow trip into London through the Friday traffic but eventually got to The Tower of London via underground car park. Quick stop for photos and then we headed in whilst all the tourists were heading out. No time to linger, straight into our green room…

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Christmas Social - Full Post →


The choir has worked so hard this year and we don’t often get a chance to socialise, so Christmas gives us the perfect excuse!  We are planning to have a short rehearsal on Wednesday 18th December (hopefully finish by 6pm) and then follow it up with some fun.  The committee has come up with a few options on what to do:

  • Drinks in a pub
  • Curry
  • Bring and share in our usual rehearsal space

Whatever we do, the idea is to finish by 8pm at the latest for those who need to head off (although of course we wont force you to stay that long if you dont want to!) and those who want to can stay out longer.

Please can you let us know via the comments box what you fancy doing.

Choir Committee

Elsie Hazell - Full Post →

One of the things we love to do is take our music out to those people who may not find it easy to get to our concerts, and Elsie Hazell Court in Freshbrook have welcomed us on several occasions. This year, one of our members, Laura, took on a challenge set by the residents and the Zurich Community Trust to arrange an evening of fun, food and song. So, armed with silly hats, a ton of party food and a book of sing-along songs, we went along one evening in October to have a party with the lovely people at Elsie Hazell…

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Choir Leaflet - Full Post →

The homepage of the website has now been updated to include the choir leaflet as a thumbnail.  Its also available for download too.  If anyone wants some hard copies then please ask for some from Jenny.

Makin Musiz A5 Flyer FINAL (no bleed)

The leaflet was designed by the rather talented Mike Garlick, a local graphic designer.  We owe a huge thanks to Mike for designing the leaflet at minimal cost for the choir so that we can put all our funds into raising money for Zurich Cares.  If you have a moment, then please take a look at Mike’s website ( and bear him in mind should you ever need the skills of a brilliant designer!


Malmesbury Abbey Wedding - Full Post →

On Friday 4th October the choir was invited to sing at the wedding of Ben and Rachel.  Now the choir loves singing at weddings (soppy bunch that we are) so we were happy to oblige, however we had an extra incentive in that the wedding was taking place at Malmesbury Abbey.  The Abbey is a beautiful building dating back as far as the twelfth century with a fantastic vaulted ceiling.  It certainly provided a completely different acoustic experience than our usual rehearsal space.

Wedding ProgrammeMalmesbury Abbey

Seventeen choir members, along with James, Mike and Anne took part.  We arrived at midday to set up, find our seats and have a quick practice before the guests arrived.

We sang Amazed by Lonestar as Rachel walked in – no pressure there, but I think it went well.  Besides all eyes were definitely on the beautiful bride rather than us!  We joined in with the congregation for the upbeat hymns (One More Step, Lord of the Dance and Give Me Joy in My Heart).  Finally during the signing of the register we entertained the wedding guests with some of our favourite weddingy songs – Run, Lean on Me and All You Need is Love.

Choir at Malmesbury Abbey

It was really lovely to sing at Ben and Rachel’s wedding and it was a fantastic opportunity to sing in a lovely venue.  We wish them lots of fun and happiness in their married life together.


Looking Good! - Full Post →


Given that it’s the choir’s five year anniversary this year, we have decided we would like to add to the celebrations by getting some new uniform for the summer concert.  We currently have two uniforms – one smart and one casual.  Our casual look is the blue polo shirts embroidered with the choir logo.  Our smart look consists of all black (your choice what to wear) and then a turquoise fabric flower, which brings us all together.  So, we would like to update our smart look with a new accessory.  For the ladies we are proposing a light chiffon scarf – colour to be decided and for the gents – ties in a matching colour.  So question 1:

  • Do you like the idea of a scarf/tie?  If not, then please suggest something better, and preferably with examples – it’s not always easy to actually source people’s suggestions.


The cost of getting something new is realistically looking like £5-6 per person.  We have some money left from the voluntary subscriptions this year to subsidise this cost, however no where near enough to pay for them outright.  We would like to get members views on contributing £4-£5 each to the cost of getting something new.  So question 2:

  • Would you be happy to contribute towards a new accessory?


As always, this would be voluntary and if someone is unable to afford this, then the choir can cover the costs.  Our aim is to try and make the choir as accessible as possible for everyone, regardless of circumstance.

Please let us know your thoughts by 9 June 2013. If you would prefer to email your comments to me privately, then please do so.

Jenny (on behalf of the Committee)